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General questions

What is Famest?

Famest is a web and mobile app available for IOS and Android, that rewards fashion fans who "tag" (identify) the fashion brands visible on their photos. Our vision is to bring together a community of fashion fans who like to inspire and be inspired daily by people like themselves.

Is Famest free?

Famest is and always will be 100% free. We work tirelessly to always offer more features.

How to become a member?

Simply click on the button Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to sign up to Famest. You can also sign up with an email address if you wish. After you have accepted the terms of use, your Famest account will be fully operational and you will be a part of the Famest community.

Does Famest work in all the countries?

Yes, Famest has no borders and is accessible from anywhere. Currently, mobile apps are available in 14 languages and the website in French, English and Spanish.