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How does the rewards system work?

What rewards can I win on Famest?

Famest rewards the members of its community by offering them discount coupons as well as exclusive items from their favorite brand. You can see all the available rewards by visiting the rewards page clicking on your points counter on the upper right corner of the page.

How to get these rewards?

Famest works with a points system. Your actions and the ones of other members of the community will allow you to earn points. Each reward has a price in points. You have then to earn points in order to unlock rewards.

How to earn points?

You earn one point each time you:

  1. You add a style: +1.
  2. A member likes your style: +1.
  3. A member likes an article tagged on your style: +1.
  4. A member or a visitor clicks on one of your tags: +1.

How can I obtain bonus points?

Some actions can win you bonus points. You can access the bonus points page through the navigation menu under your name.

  1. Like our Facebook page: +10.
  2. Share the Famest link with your friends on Facebook: +10.
  3. Follow us on Twitter: +10.
  4. Share the Famest link with your followers on Twitter: +10.
  5. Sponsor a friend: +20 points for each friend registered (see the next question for more information).

How does the sponsor system work?

In order to sponsor your friends, use the custom link on the page of bonus points. If someone comes on Famest by using this link, you'll receive 20 extra points for their registration.

How to order a reward?

To order a reward, just click on the button below the reward in question.

How to use a coupon?

An email with the coupon code will be sent within one hour from your request. Use the link provided to make your purchases and insert the promotional code before setting the amount of your cart.

You will receive the email at the address associated to the Facebook account that you used to log on.