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Rules for publishing a style

What are the rules for posting a photo?

  1. The photo must be "full body" (at least from head to knees).
  2. The photo must be without texts, logos and/or other references that render the style less visible or less easily identifiable (Instagram filters are allowed).
  3. Limit yourself to one style per picture. Naturally, you'll win more point by adding multiple pictures.
  4. You must be in the photo. The photos where other people are visible other than you will be deleted.
  5. "Collage" photo editing is allowed but must be limited to 3 frames each picture.
  6. Ads (or SPAM) will be automatically deleted and we reserve the right to ban the members who use these practices.
  7. You must have copyright on the photos you post on Famest. If they are pictures of you, this is not a problem.
  8. The photos must be decent. Nude photos or pictures that are considered vulgar or too "sexy" will not be published on Famest. We reserve the right to assess the decency of photos.
  9. The photos of persons under 13 will also be deleted. We reserve the right to assess the age if some pictures seem inappropriate.