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How does Famest work?

How can I add a new style?

  1. Start by registering in order to be able to use Famest.
  2. Add a style by clicking on the "Add a style" button or by drag-and-dropping a picture anywhere on the website.
  3. Select a picture from your computer or one of your Facebook albums.
  4. Click on the visible clothing and accessories to add a tag.
  5. Save your style by clicking the "Done tagging" button.

How can I edit a style?

Simply make your way to it and you will find an "Edit" button bellow your profile picture.

How can I delete a style?

Simply go on it and you will find a "Delete" button under your profile picture.

What is a tag?

On Famest, a "tag" corresponds to a yellow mark indicating that an item has been identified on a photo.

What is the heart on my photos?

The heart allows the members of the Famest community to mark their interest for your style by "liking" your style or your tags.

What is the Hall of Fame?

On Famest, the homepage is called the "Hall of Fame". This page lists the most popular styles of the Famest community.

Why doesn't my style appear in the Hall of Fame?

This may be due to several factors. It may be that your style does not respect the rules about posting styles. Then, the selection of styles depends on many factors such as the popularity of your style or the number of your styles already pinned to the Hall of Fame.

Why do certain members get highlighted on brand pages?

For each brand there is a ranking of the most influential fans. The three most influential members are then pinned and displayed on the page of the brand.